Let’s get to the point: What can we can do for you?

We can help you to feel more relaxed while on your bike. More relaxed doesn’t mean less functional. More relaxed means more focus, more control– and for racers– more speed. More relaxed also means more endurance.  For the injured, we help you find ways to get back in the saddle. For the adventurous we teach you the skills needed to explore your world on two wheels.

All of our training is based on the WIFM Principle. WIFM is short for “What’s in it for me?” Exactly. What our training is all about is YOU. Your needs and desires. We don’t just deliver a lesson plan. We listen too. YOU are the focus of training. And we don’t continue on until we see a light in your eyes and a smile on your face.

Where do we begin? By asking you a ton of questions: what do you want? Where are you going (goals)? What do you feel now when you are on your bike?  How’s your body responding? Any soreness, pain or fatigue? If so, when and where? Can you go longer, rougher or faster?  We can help you find out. Our questions about you go on and on…

Why? Because we start training at your current performance level and move up. We need to know about you so we can help you become the rider you want to be.

We have worked with the best of the best and with first-timers– and literally thousands of riders in between. We can help you explore your potential.

Interested? Good. Please look around our website and then email me with your questions. But first a footnote: we spend our time working on bikes and riders not keyboards.  Please don’t expect flashy graphics or last year’s school or race pictures on our website. You can look at our albums after a hard day of training.

Our 2016 Training Schedule will be available in January.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ramey ‘Coach’ Stroud