Poor hand position on handlebar grips can compress the nerves in our wrists. Do it long enough and our hand(s) start to tingle.  If nothing changes, our hand(s) goes to sleep.  We bang fingers on the bars or rub them or shake the hand until sensitive motor control returns.  STOP!  Do not ignore numb hands.  Instead fix the problem: Look for the “V.”  Most people just reach out and grab with their hands 90 degrees to the bar.  OK, so what?  When you roll the throttle on you must bend your wrist down.  This compresses the nerves in the wrist and can lead to injury over time.  Why not try what the desert racers do: “Look for the V!”  As you reach for the bar, point your fingers toward the headlight by lifting your elbow.  This creates a “V” in the web of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger.  Now roll on the throttle like turning a screwdriver.  Your wrist angle will reduced and the pressure on wrist nerves eliminated.